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Events News 2020

News from South African Nursing Council

Examinations conducted by the South African Nursing Council

24 December 2020


The purpose of this circular is to notify the National Department of Health, Provincial Departments of Health, Nursing Education Institutions (NEIs) and other relevant stakeholders about the following matters pertaining to the examinations that are conducted by the South African Nursing Council:

bulletExaminations written in October 2020
bulletRe-writing of failed examination papers/portions
bulletLate applications for entry into examination
bulletEnd date of the SANC-conducted examinations for the legacy nursing qualifications
bulletSANC examination for the new nursing qualifications 



... read the entire Circular 14 of 2020

Requisites to perform functions relating to the profession of Nursing by Nurse Educators/Lecturers

24 December 2020


The purpose of this correspondence is to reiterate:

1.1 pre-requisites for performing functions relating to the profession of nursing by any person responsible for education and training of nurses and midwives; and

1.2 sanctions/ consequences of non-compliance with the provisions of the Nursing Act and its regulations.



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#SANCnews November - December 2020

17 December 2020

Welcome to the eighth 2020 edition of #SANCnews - your electronic newsletter that will provide regular updates on important happenings at the SA Nursing Council, in the nursing arena and healthcare in general.

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South African Nursing Council - Year-end closure 

30 November 2020

The South African Nursing Council offices will be closed for the year-end from Thursday, 24 December 2020 at 12:00 midday, and re-open on Monday, 04 January 2021 at 08:00 am. Kindly note that on 24 December, for operational reasons the gates will be closed at 11: 00 am already.


Annual fees must be paid into the Council’s bank account on or before 31 December 2020 to avoid restoration fees - note that banks take up to three (3) days to clear payments and thus all bank electronic transfers need to be made by 24 December to ensure it reaches the SANC by 31 December 2020. 


The SANC banking details are:

Name of bank : First National Bank

Account number : 514 211 86 193

Branch code : 253145

Reference : Person’s own SANC Reference Number followed by ANLFEES


Whilst waiting for the Annual Practising Certificate to be posted by the SANC, the employer can verify the registration status of the practitioner through the SANC website by logging into the SANC eRegister at https://www.sanc.co.za/eRegister.htm. To do this, they will require the practitioner’s SANC reference number or Identity Number (ID No).

... read Circular 12 of 2020

Extension of  Education and Training to meet outstanding clinical requirements

6 November 2020


The purpose of this circular is to notify the National Department of Health, Provincial Departments of Health, Nursing Education Institutions (NEIs) and other relevant stakeholders about the Council’s resolution regarding extension of education and training to meet outstanding clinical requirements resulting from an interruption in clinical education and training during national lockdown.



2.1. The effect of measures which were instituted to limit the spread of Corona Virus...


... read the entire Circular 11 of 2020

Examination schedule - 2021

21 October 2020

Kindly take note of the following requirements applicable to the SANC examinations:

  1. The closing date for the examinations should be strictly adhered to and no exceptions or allowances will be made to extend these dates.
  2. Only registered learners will be eligible for an examination: The Head of the Nursing Education Institution (NEI) must ensure that all learners are registered with the SANC within the prescribed period. Foreign applicants apply as individuals but will have to adhere to the prescribed period.
  3. Candidates will not be registered for an examination with only an identity number. SANC reference numbers are needed in all cases. Please follow up with the SANC Registration Section first, if learners are registered for the course before registering them for an examination.
  4. The SANC will only process applications for entry ...


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The SANC - Appreciating the value of nurses and midwives especially during the Covid-19 pandemic

25 August 2020

The world is experiencing its biggest crisis in more than a hundred years, with the saving of lives at the forefront of every thought and action.


In the midst of this pandemic is healthcare workers and more specifically, nurses and midwives. 
Often the sacrifices that they make are done under impossible conditions, at the cost of their own health and safety, and at the cost of time not spent with their loved ones.


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Rescheduling of postponed May 2020 examinations conducted by the South African Nursing Council

13 August 2020


The purpose of this Circular is to:

1.1 Inform the National Department of Health, Provincial Departments of Health, Nursing Education Institutions (NEIs) and relevant stakeholders about the resolution of the Council regarding the re-scheduling of the previously postponed May 2020 SANC- conducted examinations;
1.2 Inform the Heads of the NEIs on the amendment of Circular 9/2019; and 

1.3 Provide NEIs with a revised schedule for the next examinations.


...read the entire Circular 9 of 2020

Submission of applications by NEIs for accreditation of post-graduate diploma programmes

6 August 2020


The purpose of this circular is to:

1.1 Remind/alert Nursing Education Institutions (NEIs) of the promulgation of regulations relating to the above-mentioned nursing programmes, thus enabling them to submit applications for accreditation of the said programmes to the South African Nursing Council (SANC); and

1.2 Notify the National Department of Health, Provincial Departments of Health, Nursing Education Institutions and other relevant stakeholders of the availability of education and training guidelines for the programmes.

..read the entire Circular 8 of 2020

2021 Annual Fees

23 July 2020



The annual fees for the calendar year 2021 for different categories of practitioners are provided in the table below:

Registered Nurses and Midwives R700.00
Enrolled Nurses and Midwives R418.00
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries R293.00


The Council has resolved to introduce reduced fees for nurses 60 years of age and over as per the table below:

1.2.1 60 TO 64 YEARS OF AGE ON 1 JANUARY 2021 (25% REDUCTION)

Registered Nurses and Midwives R525.00
Enrolled Nurses and Midwives R314.00
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries R220.00


...read the entire Circular 7 of 2020

Incorrect published Regulations regarding Scope of Practice for Nurses and Midwives

27 May 2020


The National Department of Health published the above Regulations in Government Gazette No. 43305 published on 12 May 2020 for public comments for a period of one month. It was discovered after publication that an incorrect version of the Regulations was published. The National Department of Health regrets this error. The correct version of the Regulations will be published in due course to enable the public to comment.

Restoration of nurses to the SANC nursing register for National State of Disaster period: Private Hospitals

1 May 2020

Dear Stakeholder

Please note that the process for private hospitals is the same as for Provincial Departments of Health, with the following exceptions:

1. All Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA)- affiliated health establishments will be handled via HASA directly – the process has been communicated to and agreed upon by HASA. The contact person is Lauren Drysdale at email: lauren.drysdale@hasanet.co.za

2. Private hospitals NOT affiliated to HASA will follow the process as set out below and submit the list per hospital. If you need clarity on this process kindly contact Mr Patrick Modiselle at email: pmodiselle@sanc.co.za


See the home page for the entire notice

SANC offers free restoration to qualifying nurses during COVID-19 National State of Disaster

20 April 2020

The SANC notes and applauds the efforts by Government and in particular the Ministry of Health in the fight against the coronavirus, and the dedication to the health of all South Africans.

In support of these efforts, the South African Nursing Council (SANC) is pleased to announce a further solution to have more nurses available to assist during the crisis. Any nurse, who for the period of the COVID-19 National State of Disaster, wants to be restored back onto the Nurse Register for the sole purpose of rendering services and aiding in the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 or the treatment of affected patients, and is currently not on the Nursing Register, may restore and be registered at a fee of R0.00.

The Board Notice regarding this special concession was published ...

.. COVID-19 Restoration Form

.. Press Release 2 of 2020

Impact of Coronavirus outbreak on Nursing Education and Training

25 March 2020


The purpose of this circular is to provide:

bullet1.1 supportive guidance /reminder to Nursing Education Institutions on managing interrupted teaching and learning activities, in respect of students nurses and midwives.
bullet1.2 information to the National Department of Health, Provincial Departments of Health, and relevant stakeholders in respect of point 1.1 above. 



bullet2.1 The Declaration of “a national state of disaster” by the State President on 15 March 2020, followed by pronouncement by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, on 17 March 2020, on measures to deal with COVID-19 threat in the post-school Education and Training Sector, refers. The South African Nursing Council supports, unequivocally, the measures and initiatives put in place by the South African Government in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
bullet2.2 The following, regarding academic breaks and academic interruptions for Student Nurses and Student Midwives in Nursing, need to be noted:
o Students in the Post-School Education and Training Sector, specifically Universities, ordinarily have recesses in line with university calendars.
o Student Nurses and Student Midwives in the rest of Nursing Education Institutions do not have recesses but normally take an annual leave which is scheduled by the respective Nursing Education Institutions, in collaboration with health establishments where they are placed for clinical teaching and learning.
bullet2.3 Despite these different arrangements, Student Nurses and Student Midwives are expected to meet the same specified theoretical and clinical/practical requirements in line with the requirements of the relevant nursing programme.
bullet2.4 The pronouncement by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, that all Post-School Institutions must close on 18 March 2020 is inclusive of “the CET Colleges, private higher education institutions and colleges, as well as all training colleges which are managed by other ministries, such as Nursing, Agricultural and other Colleges”.


... Circular 5 of 2020

SANC: Nurse are at the forefront of the Coronavirus

25 March 2020

Following the Presidential pronouncement on 23 March 2020 regarding the coronavirus outbreak, the South African Nursing Council has made a decision to also shut down operations at the SANC building as of Friday, 27 March 2020 as part of the President’s call for control of the outbreak.

During a crucial time in nursing, this does not mean that the SANC will not be available or that services come to a standstill. We have introduced several measures to ensure business continuation with key staff members working from home with the necessary means of connection via WIFI, amongst other measures.

We also remind you that you can use the tools already made available by the SANC for service delivery e.g. the eRegister to verify registration, the service emails as posted on the SANC website and social media pages, faxes, etc. 

In addition, payments can still be made via electronic banking. A reminder about the relevant codes and banking details to be used when you do make a payment is listed below this communication for your convenience.

As distinguishing devices need to be posted or collected physically, we regret that this service will not be available during the shutdown period. All orders received will be processed as soon as the building has opened for operations again.

Your cooperation is appreciated. We pray for your well-being and protection during these trying times.


... Circular 4 of 2020

SANC: Nurses are at the forefront of the Coronavirus

19 March 2020

The coronavirus outbreak is escalating and the burden on the healthcare system is increasing daily. Nurses are at the forefront of the healthcare system and therefore also of this outbreak, and crucial in combating this virus. The South African Nursing Council (SANC) would like to commend all nurses responsible for caring for those infected and dealing with long queues to assist patients.

Generally, Nurses are educated and trained in principles, guidelines and protocols regarding infection prevention and control and these continue to apply, regardless of the type of infection. However, employers remain responsible for, and are urged, to keep supporting nurses and providing additional supplies for infection control.

... Press Release 1 of 2020

Rescindment of Circular 3 of 2013: Database for post-basic programmes proposal for new fields of specialization in nursing

17 January 2020

By resolution of Council taken at its meeting held on 27-28 November 2019, the South African Nursing Council (SANC) hereby rescinds circular 3 of 2013 in its entirety. As a statutory body established to set and maintain standards of Nursing Education, ...

... read Circular 2 of 2020

State of readiness for the offering of nursing education programmes towards Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework (HEQSF)-aligned nursing qualifications

17 January 2020

The purpose of this Circular is to provide an update to the National Department of Health, Provincial Departments of Health, Nursing Education Institutions (NEIs) and other relevant stakeholders about the state of readiness of public and private nursing education institutions to offer nursing programmes leading to Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework (HEQSF)-aligned nursing qualifications. 

The long-awaited implementation of the nursing education programmes towards the HEQSF-aligned nursing qualifications has now materialized. This follows lengthy and drawn-out processes over a period of several years, as well as the South African Nursing Council’s fruitful collaboration with critical partners to ensure that this was achieved. The SANC can now confirm that several educational institutions, both public and private, which have complied with accreditation requirements and criteria are already accredited and their names have been published on the SANC website. 


... read Circular 1 of 2020

SANC announces partnership with Government on Annual Fee collection

1 April 2019

The South African Nursing Council (SANC) has been and continues to be mindful of the challenges that nurse practitioners, employers and the SANC experience during the annual fees collection period, mostly affecting receipt of Annual Practising Certificates (APCs).


It is therefore our pleasure to announce that a solution we have been working on steadfastly has now come to fruition, and will make a hugely positive impact on the annual registration process – no more queues and no need to travel to the SANC Head Office in Pretoria to make your annual payment,” says Ms Sizo Mchunu, Registrar and CEO.

A proposal made to the Department of Health by the SANC to have annual fees collected through PERSAL, has resulted in the Public Health and Social Development Sectoral Bargaining Council (PHSDSBC) taking the following resolution:

Resolution 02 of 2018: Agreement on Payment of Annual Statutory Registration Fees in respect of Health Care Occupations for the Health and Social Development Departments.

... Media Release 2 of 2019


Nurses now receive 10% discount when using the Greyhound bus service

 29 January 2018

Great news!

Nurses registered with the SANC now receive 10% off on all bus travel via Greyhound!

Contact Greyhound directly via their Facebook page: GreyhoundSA or on Twitter: @GreyhoundRSA

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