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Circular 2/2016
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`NursesDay 1/2016
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Nursing Council News 2016

Circulars 2016

The following circulars were distributed by South African Nursing Council during 2016:
Circular Description
1/2016 Extension date for 2016 Annual Fees
2/2016 SANC Easter Closure
3/2016 2017 Annual Fees
4/2016 SANC Year End Closure
5/2016 Appointment as Acting Registrar and CEO
6/2016 2017 Examination Schedule
7/2016 Phasing out of Legacy Qualifications


Press Releases 2016

The following press releases were issued by South African Nursing Council during 2016:
Press Release Description
1/2016 Illegal Intermediaries
2/2016 Nursing Education Institutions in South Africa


Special News Items 2016

The following special news items were published on the South African Nursing Council website during the year 2016:


International Nurses' Day

The theme for the 2016 International Nurses day is: Nurses: A Force for Change: Improving health systemsí resilience.

Enrolled Nurse survey

The Education and Training Department was mandated by Council at its meeting held in July 2015 to conduct a survey on recently qualified Enrolled Nurses and Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries. This survey was conducted to establish if there is a high proliferation of Enrolled Nurses and Enrolled Nursing Auxiliary categories and also to establish their employability status in the public and private health care industry.


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