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Circular 15/2013

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22 November 2013

TO: Nursing Education Institutions
Provincial Department of Health
National Department of Health
All Stakeholders

Covversion of Already Approved Paper Based Programmes/Curricula, Applications for Clinical Facilities and Relocation to New Premesis into Electronic Versions for Archiving


To request Nursing Education Institutions to submit converted paper-based legacy programmes/curricula, applications for clinical facilities and relocation to new premises in order to be uploaded on the electronic database system. 


The SANC is improving its operations by uploading its data on the electronic/digital document management system.  This system is efficient and time saving when searching for documents for reference and implementation of the Councilís activities.


Nursing Education Institutions are requested to convert their already approved paper based programmes/curricula into electronic version.

All approved clinical facilities applications must also be converted from paper based into electronic version.

Letters of approval for existing programmes must be scanned and used as annexures to such documents.

A PDF format must be used in order to ensure that conversion cannot be done by unauthorised person/s.

Template for already approved clinical facilities is herewith illustrated for submission.



This information must be sent electronically to:

The Senior Manager: Education and Training
Dr. S. Mkhize
e-mail: smkhize@sanc.co.za

Documents must reach SANC on or before the 15 March 2014.

All queries must be directed to:

The Senior Manager: Education and Training
Dr. S. Mkhize
Telephone:  012 420-1022

Yours Sincerely



Mr T. Mabuda 
Registrar and Chief Executive Officer
South African Nursing Council


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