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Circular 5/2013

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13 June 2013

TO: Nursing Education Institutions
Nursing Stakeholders

South African Nursing Council New Examination Application Form

  1. Enclosed is the new examination application format for applying for learners to write a Nursing Council examination. No individual applications will be needed in future.
  2. The application needs to be submitted on a letter format with the logo of the Nursing Education Institution, contact details and accompanied by proof of payment (group payment done by the Nursing Education Institution). Please note that a remittance request is not a proof of payment.
  3. Identity numbers or passport numbers are not relevant for this application. Please consult with the SANC Registration Department (Learner Desk) in time if confirmation of learner registration was not received. Telephone numbers for learner desk: +27 12 426 9530 or +27 12 420 1062.
  4. Kindly adhere to the closing date for submission of examination applications according to the examination schedule.
  5. Confirmation will be sent to the Nursing Education Institutions immediately once learners have been entered for the examination and timetables will be issued after late entries and re-entries have been processed, approximately 3 weeks before the examination.
  6. The new application format will be implemented immediately and no old style application forms should be used from the year 2014.

Attached is the new examination application form also available on www.sanc.co.za.



Mr T Mabuda
Registrar and CEO
South African Nursing Council


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