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Circular 10/2012

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TO: National Department of Health
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Licensing of Nursing Agencies by South African Nursing Council


The purpose of this circular is to provide clarity on matters relating to the licensing of the Nursing Agencies.


South African Nursing Council (SANC) Circular 1 of 2011 has reference.

SANC has in its meeting held on the 27th of September 2012 resolved that:

bulletThe files of Nursing Agencies which were previously licensed by the South African Nursing Council be handed over to the National Department of Health as the South African Nursing Council has no mandate to regulate Nursing Agencies under the Nursing Act, 2005.
bulletAll enquiries relating to Nursing Agencies should be directed to the National Department of Health, Nursing Services Directorate.

In this regard, all the Nursing Agencies files on South African Nursing Council database as of 31 December 2010 have been handed over to the National Department of Health.

Also note that the SANC will continue to regulate the Scope of Practice of Nurse Practitioners in terms of the Nursing Act, 2005 and relevant South African Nursing Council rules and regulations.



Tendani Mabuda (Mr)
Registrar and CEO
South African Nursing Council


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