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Circular 5/2010

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30 June 2010

TO ALL: Nursing Education Institutions
Nursing Stakeholders

Nursing Education Institutions: Requirements for Submitting Learner Forms to South African Nursing Council

Attached, please find a copy of the document:


South African Nursing Council (SANC) is acutely aware that there is a need to improve service delivery with regard to processing of learners who are / must be registered in terms of the Nursing Act, 2005. With this objective in mind, SANC has prepared the abovementioned document – in order to standardize the manner in which Nursing Education Institutions (NEIs) communicate with SANC on these matters and vice versa.

The document covers all aspects of the learner’s education and training – from initial registration as a learner right through to registration of the eventual qualification at the end of the course.

NB:    Under the Nursing Act, 2005, all nursing learners are to be registered with SANC. Consequently, the word enrolled and other previously used words such as roll, enrolment, student, pupil, etc. will not be used anywhere else in this circular or in the abovementioned document.

While SANC appreciates that, for many institutions these requirements might mean making adjustments to standard operating procedures, the benefit to be derived will make the effort well worthwhile. SANC is sure that we can rely on the full cooperation of all NEIs in implementing these requirements. A speedy implementation of the requirements will benefit both the NEIs and the learners.

Educators and administrators are required to implement the requirements set out in the document in order to facilitate the efficient and effective processing of learner submissions and related matters. If you experience any difficulties or problems, please do not hesitate to call SANC for assistance on the numbers given below.

Please direct any queries regarding this circular or the requirements document to:

Examination queries: Manager: Examinations
Tel      012 426-9596
Email  Examinations@sanc.co.za
Registration queries Manager: Registrations
Tel      012 426-9599
Email  Registrations@sanc.co.za
SANC Call Centre 012 420-1000

Additional copies of the document can be requested from SANC or they can be printed from the SANC website publications page:

 ™    Download a copy of the guidelines - for processing of learners  (277kb)


Ms S A Mchunu
Acting Registrar
South African Nursing Council



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