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Circular 3/2005

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TO ALL: Nursing Education Institutions
Nursing Stakeholders

South African Nursing Council Examination Schedule - 2006

The Examination Schedule for 2006 can be accessed on this website.

Kindly take note of the following requirements applicable to the Council examinations.

  1. The closing date for examinations should be strictly adhered to and no exceptions or allowances will be made to extend these dates.
  2. Only registered students/pupils will be eligible to enter for an examination, the head of the institution must ensure that all students/pupils are registered with the Council within the prescribed period (this does not apply to the Admission Examination for Enrolled Nursing or to the Admission Examination for Foreign Nurses).
  3. The Council will only process examination applications that meet the following requirements:
    1. submitted on the Councilís Application for Examination Form which is completed in full and signed by the relevant person;
    2. accompanied by the prescribed fee or proof of payment of the fee into the Councilís bank account; and
    3. includes all the required documentation.
  4. Only those students/pupils that have been issued an examination number will be eligible to write Council examinations.
  5. All practical Mark Sheets must be submitted to Council by the end of the month in which the examination is written. Examination results cannot be processed if practical mark sheets are not submitted on time.
  6. The Council reserves the right to cancel an examination reflected on the schedule if there are insufficient candidates for such an examinations.

Hasina Subedar
Registrar and Chief Executive Officer


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