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News 2000

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Circular 7/2000
Circular 8/2000
Circular 9/2000
Circular 10/2000
Circular 11/2000
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Circular 13/2000
Circular 14/2000
Circular 15/2000
Circular 16/2000

Nursing Council Archive 2000

Circulars 2000

The following circulars were distributed by South African Nursing Council during 2000:
Circular Description
1/2000 Transformation of Nursing Education and training: regarding the training of Enrolled Nurses and Nursing Auxiliaries - these two programmes will remain in force until further notice
(Not available on this web site)
2/2000 Extension of final date - payment of annual fees 2000 - not to be granted
(Not available on this web site)
3/2000 Observer - By-election of a member to serve on the present Council
(Not available on this web site)
4/2000 Price increases on epaulettes and postage with effect from 1 April 2000
(Not available on this web site)
5/2000 Submission of qualifications (in SAQA format) to SAQA
(Not available on this web site)
6/2000 Requirements and guidelines for the transformation of Education and Training of learners in the Basic Programme leading to registration as a Nurse (General, Psychiatric and Community Health) and a Midwife/Accoucheur (Government Notice No. R.425 of 22 February 1985 as amended)
(Not available on this web site)
7/2000 Charges for Services Rendered:
    * Nursing Education programmes
    * Verification of registration/enrolment for persons abroad
    * Listing of qualifications
8/2000 Counting of votes: 27 July 2000
9/2000 Examinations to be held during the year 2001
10/2000 Finalization of by-election of an enrolled nurse for the current Council for the period 2000 - 2003
11/2000 The annual licence fee and restoration fee prices remain unchanged for the year 2001
12/2000 Maintenance of Standards of Nursing Education and Practice - monitoring of standards by Universities
13/2000 Payment of annual fees: Persons registered/enrolled who are currently in training programmes must maintain their registration/enrolment with Council
14/2000 Closing of the offices of South African Nursing Council over the Christmas period - 22 December 2000 to 2 January 2001
15/2000 Repeal of regulations regarding fees to be paid to South African Nursing Council and the amendment of Inspection Fees
16/2000 Increases on distinguishing devices prices with effect from 1 January 2001


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