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South African Nursing Council HIV/AIDS Policy

South African Nursing Council is committed to the fight against HIV/AIDS

South African Nursing Council pledges its commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS.  The Council is entrusted by Parliament with the responsibility of ensuring the protection of the public and will do everything in its power to make sure that HIV/AIDS patients get the care they deserve.

Rights of patients who are HIV-positive and patients with AIDS

The view of South African Nursing Council is that the ethical problems with the nursing of HIV/AIDS patients arise mainly from faulty perceptions.

These patients have the right to:

bulletnon-judgemental, effective nursing according to personal needs;
bulletempathy for the social dilemma of AIDS and HIV-positive patients;
bulletexpert accompaniment for themselves, their families and communities, in order to continue a normal, responsible life;
bulletprotection and life, in the case of the unborn child.

Council condemns:

bulletDiscrimination against HIV/AIDS-infected patients;
bulletViolation of confidentiality.

South African Nursing Council views HIV/AIDS as a national emergency

The Nursing Council :

bulletcontemplates a strong partnership with the National Department of Health and all stakeholders who wage war against HIV/AIDS;
bulletincludes care for HIV/AIDS patients and management of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the National Curriculum Guidelines;
bulletworks closely with the Interdepartmental Committee (IDC) on HIV/AIDS;
bulletincludes in its Quality Promotion Visit Instrument the implementation of Batho Pele and care for the HIV/AIDS patient;
bulletis involved in the World Aids Day Partnership Festival;
bulletwas represented at the International HIV/AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa (10 - 14 July 2000) by Mrs N E Bhengu, Mr S B Nene, Prof R V Gumbi and Dr G Ramadi.

The Nursing Council endorses the National Patients' Rights Charter launched by the National Department of Health in November 1999.


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