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Education and Training of Nursing and Midwifery Students


New Nursing Curriculum

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Questions and Answers 1-4
Questions and Answers 5-8

Community Service process

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Community Service Process Steps 1-3
Community Service Process Steps 4-6
Community Service Process Steps 7-9

Findings on the survey of the recently qualified Enrolled Nurses and Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries

The Education and Training Department was mandated by Council at its meeting held in July 2015 to conduct a survey on recently qualified Enrolled Nurses and Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries. This survey was conducted to establish if there is a high proliferation of Enrolled Nurses and Enrolled Nursing Auxiliary categories and also establish their employability status in the public and private health care industry.  

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Nursing Education and Training Standards

The South African Nursing Council has approved the following nursing education and training standards:

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Nursing Education and Training Standards

Qualification Frameworks

The South African Nursing Council has approved the following framework:

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Postgraduate Diploma: Nurse/Midwife/Accoucheur Specialist

Competencies - Nurse Educator

The South African Nursing Council has approved the following competencies for Nurse Educators:

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Competencies for a Nurse Educator

New Nursing Qualifications

The South African Nursing Council has approved the following new nursing qualifications for inclusion in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF):

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Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and Midwifery
Diploma in Nursing: Staff Nurse
Higher Certificate: Auxiliary Nursing
Advanced Diploma in Midwifery

These qualifications are aligned to the higher education framework and the Nursing Council is currently developing policies and guidelines for the programs.

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New Qualifications - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Education and Training Regulations

All education and training regulations are published under the Publications page of this website.


Education and training regulations (currently in force)


Education and training regulations (published for public comment)

Education and Training News

News about timeframes for offering legacy Nursing and Midwifery qualifications

30 September 2014

The Nursing Council has sent out circulars to stakeholders informing them of the decisions taken by Council at its recent meeting:


confirming that certain legacy programmes will be terminating in June 2015 (last entries); and


resolving that other legacy programmes have been given a further extension - to allow for the time necessary to complete the development and implementation of the new programmes and for the establishment of Public Nursing Colleges.

For further information, please see the following circulars.

11/2014 Extension of Offering the Education and Training Programme Leading to Registration as a Nurse (General, Psychiatric and Community) and Midwife (Government Notice No. R.425 of 22 February 1985 as amended)
12/2014 Extension to offer Supplementary and Post Basic (Additional) Qualifications including Bridging Course for Enrolled Nurses leading to Registration as a General Nurse or Psychiatric Nurse
13/2014 Legacy Nursing Education and Training Programmes that will be NO LONGER OFFERED after 30 June 2015

Implementation of the New Nursing Education Qualifications - July 2015

13 August 2013

The Nursing Council has published further information on the implementation of the New Nursing Education Qualifications.  This information includes circulars on:


Curriculum Framework for entry levels of nursing


Revised Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy Guidelines; and


Policy on Accreditation Appeals Process

Click here for further information (Circulars 8-10 of 2013)

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