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SUBJECT: SANC launches Fraud Hotline – 0800 20 12 16
DATE: 13 March 2018

The South African Nursing Council (SANC) today announced the launch of their new Fraud Hotline, effectively introducing a whistleblowing tool.

Fraud risk management is an important element of the risk management strategy of the SANC and subsequently the Risk Management Office prioritised the implementation of a whistleblowing tool in the light of high risk incidents that are on the rise.

"The SANC values high ethical standards of behavior and expect honesty, openness and integrity in everything it does. Unacceptable, unethical and illegal behavior impacts not only on the organisation, but on its individual employees, Council Members, suppliers and other stakeholders,” says SANC CEO and Registrar Ms Sizeni Mchunu.

Whistleblowing is more effective when it is an anonymous function and therefore this function could not be delegated to an internal department at the SANC. As a result, an external service provider was appointed to provide the Fraud Hotline service.

The SANC Fraud Hotline, 0800 20 12 16 operates as an independent conduit where callers are guaranteed anonymity. The Call Centre is secure and the location thereof is undisclosed. Furthermore, the SANC cannot demand that the identity of the caller be revealed.

The Fraud line Call Centre is manned on a 24-hour basis. 

Typical unethical or fraudulent practice that can be reported via the Hotline includes but is not limited to:

bulletFraud, theft, corruption
bulletFinancial mismanagement
bulletExamination and registration fraud.

You may also email information anonymously through to the Fraud line Call Centre at fraud@kpmg.co.za. Should you wish to use this method, please include as much details as possible, including that the report is with regards to the SANC.

Says Mchunu: “We are urging nurses and the public alike to utilize the SANC Fraud Hotline to report any unethical practices. Do not be a silent observer of practices that erode the very values we wish to uphold.”




Official Spokesperson:
Ms. S Mchunu
Registrar and CEO: SA Nursing Council

Issued by:

Mrs. Adri van Eeden
Senior Manager: Marketing and Communications
South African Nursing Council 
E-mail : avaneeden@sanc.co.za
Website: www.sanc.co.za 
Tel : 012 426-9542


For more information or to arrange for an interview with the Spokesperson, please contact Mrs. Adri van Eeden on Tel. (012) 426-9542 or email: avaneeden@sanc.co.za 

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