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Circular 4/2018
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Annual Fees 2019
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Circular 4/2018

9 July 2018


TO: National Department of Health
Provincial Departments of Health
Nursing Education Institutions
All Stakeholders


Annual Fees for 2019

This circular serves as affirmation of the South African Nursing Council’s fees and fines as stipulated on the government gazette published on 28 June 2018.



1.1  Normal Annual Fees

The annual fees for the calendar year 2019 for the different categories of practitioners are given in the following table.

 Category Annual Fee for 2019
Registered Nurses and Midwives R640.00
Enrolled Nurses and Midwives R380.00
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries R270.00


1.2 Reductions in Annual Fees for Age 60 and Over

The Council has resolved to introduce reduced fees for nurses 60 years of age and over as per the table below:

1.2.1 Age 60 to 64 Years on 1 January 2019 (25% reduction)

 Category Annual Fee for 2019
Registered Nurses and Midwives R480.00
Enrolled Nurses and Midwives R290.00
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries R200.00

1.2.2 65 years of age and older on 1 January 2019 (50% reduction)

 Category Annual Fee for 2019
Registered Nurses and Midwives R320.00
Enrolled Nurses and Midwives R190.00
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries R140.00

NB: To qualify for the discount amounts, a practitioner may be required to submit a certified copy of his / her identity document in order to confirm his / her age.


The annual fees for 2019 must be received by SANC on or before 31 December 2018.

The amounts in the tables above all include 15% VAT.



The restoration fees for the different categories applicable from 1 January 2019 are shown in the following table.

 Category Normal Restoration Fee Reduced Restoration Fee
Registered Nurses and Midwives R1 920.00 R130,00
Enrolled Nurses and Midwives R1 160.00 R130,00
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries R810.00 R130,00


The reduced restoration fee only applies to:


Practitioners who were voluntarily removed from the register


 Practitioners who are or will be 60 years of age or older on 1 January 2019 are legible to pay reduced annual fees however this must be confirmed with the Council before paying the reduced amount.



Nurse practitioners who are no longer willing to practice in South Africa or those who are unemployed may request voluntary removal of their names from the register in writing, on the form available from the SANC. If voluntary removal is granted by SANC, the nurse practitioner’s name will be removed accordingly on the 31 December of the year in which the application is received. Once removed from the register, the nurse practitioner will no longer be required to pay any future annual fees. 

If those practitioners who were voluntarily removed from the register require their names to be restored to the register they will need to pay reduced restoration fee. It must be noted that practicing while not registered is illegal.



Please note that for the calendar year 2019, the closing date for the payment of Annual Fees is 31 December 2018. Payment must reach the SANC bank account on or before the closing date. You are therefore urged to pay as soon as possible in order to avoid the last minute rush. Remember: Bank transfers from non-FNB banks take up to 3 working days – pay well in advance to meet 31 December 2018 deadline.



Please note that other fees and fees payable by institutions will be applicable with effect from 1 January 2019.



The SANC has made an e Register facility available on the SANC website which can be utilized by employers to verify the registration status of all nurse practitioners in their employment. Employers are urged to utilise this facility in the absence of a physical Annual Practising Certificate (APC). Visit: http://www.sanc.co.za/eRegister.aspx for more details.



Community Service practitioners are not eligible to be issued with an APC and therefore should NOT pay annual fees. They MUST pay a conversion fee on completion of their Community Service in order to be registered as Nurse practitioners using the REGFPRA registration fee code instead of ANLFEES (e.g. 12345678 REGFPRA).


Kind regards,


Ms SA Mchunu
Registrar & CEO
South African Nursing Council

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