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SUBJECT: Nurses warned against fraudulent forms and bank details
DATE: 2 February 2017


The South African Nursing Council (SANC) has issued an urgent warning to nurses who are registering with the SANC, specifically with regards to the “application for restoration”.

It has come to our attention that a copy of our official “application for restoration”-form has been fraudulently duplicated and altered with two paragraphs (9 and 10) added as well as bank account details that do not belong to the SANC. The bank details mentioned are:

Bank: Absa
Account name: Mfetane (Trust)
Account number: 9317308188
Branch number: 253-145

Says Ms Sizeni Mchunu, Acting Registrar of the SANC: “It is important that nurses do not pay any monies into the above-mentioned bank account as it is not a SANC bank account. Members who are unsure of which account to use for payment, must please contact the SANC at Tel. 012 420 1000. The SANC also does not offer any internships as is apparently promised to nurses by one Robert Cole referring nurses to “nursesink” and using it as the explanation for the reason for the payment. The SANC is by no means affiliated with Mfetane Trust, nursesink or any other organization purporting to collect money on behalf of the SANC (e.g. SANC Assist) and collects money only in the name and official capacity of the South African Nursing Council as per the Nursing Act 33 of 2005.” 


Issued by:

Mrs. Adri van Eeden
Senior Manager: Marketing and Communications
South African Nursing Council 
E-mail :
Tel : 012 426-9542

Official Spokesperson and person to be quoted:

Ms S Mchunu
Acting Registrar and CEO: SA Nursing Council


For more information or to arrange for an interview with the Spokesperson, please contact Mrs. Adri van Eeden on Tel. (012) 426-9542 or email: 



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