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March 2017

TO: All SANC Clients


SANC logo and slogan design competition

The SA Nursing Council is inviting nurses and midwives who are currently registered with the SANC to assist with the design of a logo and slogan for the Council as part of our new corporate image.

The SANC currently only has a Coat of Arms - a device reflecting our distinctive heraldic achievements and/or bearings. We need a logo and slogan as part of our brand and to build on our brand presence.

While reflecting on a design, keep in mind that the SANC is not just setting and maintaining standards, we are representing the essential staff in healthcare – our registered nurses and midwives provide a critical service to ensure patients achieve optimal health under their care. Our new logo and slogan need to reflect this.



The winning design will be awarded with a new tablet –how cool is that!! 

bulletThe competition is open to all nurses and midwives currently registered with the SANC 
bulletThe winning design, should there be one, will be used as the official SANC logo and slogan
bulletNo correspondence will be entered into during or following the competition
bulletDesigns must be the member’s original work, be submitted as a high quality jpeg file and contain a description on what the elements of the design stands for.

Email submissions to: 
by Thursday 30 March 2017.

For the official rules of the competition please visit the SANC website: or type in:


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