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News 2015
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Circular 1/2015
Circular 2/2015
Circular 3/2015
Circular 4/2015
Circular 5/2015

Nursing Council News 2015

Circulars 2015

The following circulars were distributed by South African Nursing Council during 2015:
Circular Description
1/2015 Appointment of Acting Registrar and CEO
2/2015 Closure of SANC Offices for Easter Holidays
3/2015 Payment of 2016 Annual Fees
4/2015 2016 Annual Fees
5/2015 Closure of SANC Offices for Year-end


Press Releases 2015

The following press releases were issued by South African Nursing Council during 2015:
Press Release Description
1 No to Xenophobic Attacks
2 International Nurses Day


Special News Items 2015

The following special news items were published on the South African Nursing Council website during the year 2015:
News Item Description



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