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Election Photo Gallery

Here are some photographs from the vote counting.

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The identification envelopes were opened under close supervision...

El-03-09.jpg (46734 bytes)     El-03-10.jpg (42068 bytes)

Supervisors checked that no ballot papers had been left in the envelopes...

El-03-11.jpg (46005 bytes)     El-03-16.jpg (42062 bytes)

The whole process was carefully watched by election candidates (or their representatives) and external monitors...

El-03-12.jpg (41827 bytes)     El-03-13.jpg (47300 bytes)

Barcode labels were attached to each ballot paper...

El-03-17.jpg (47758 bytes)     El-03-18.jpg (47136 bytes)     El-03-19.jpg (47047 bytes)

The ballot papers were then scanned onto computer.  The operator in the foreground monitors the quality of each image as it is scanned...

El-03-20.jpg (47454 bytes)

In this screen image, you can clearly see the 12 marks indicating the 12 candidates for whom the voter has voted...

El-03-23.jpg (38642 bytes)

The computerized vote counting engine went to work checking and counting the votes.  This was a chance for those monitoring the process to take stock of all that they had seen...

El-03-14.jpg (47304 bytes)     El-03-15.jpg (46078 bytes)

There were anxious moments as the software specialists, and monitors waited for the final results to be computed...

El-03-22.jpg (46839 bytes)

Finally, the total number of ballot papers processed by the computer was carefully checked and given to the Returning Officer to make sure that all ballot papers had been processed...

El-03-21.jpg (46556 bytes)


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