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South African Nursing Council Functions

The Nursing Council must:

bulletwhere authorized by the Nursing Act, enter into the register the name of a person who will then be entitled to practise nursing or midwifery in South Africa according to the category or categories in which they are registered;
bulletwhere authorized by the Nursing Act, remove from, or restore to the register any name;
bulletensure that a register of persons registered in terms of the Nursing Act is available to the public;
bulletconduct examinations and issue qualification certificates to those who are successful and have completed the programme;
bulletdetermine the scope of practice and conditions under which persons registered in terms of the Nursing Act may practise their profession, and the continuing professional development (CPD) requirements for them to remain competent;
bulletdetermine the acts and omissions in respect of which the Council may take disciplinary steps against a practitioner;
bulletensure that persons registered in terms of the Nursing Act behave towards health service users in a manner that respects their constitutional rights, and take disciplinary action against those who fail to do so;
bulletconduct inspections and investigations of nursing education institutions, nursing education programmes, and health establishments, in order to ensure compliance with the Nursing Act, 2005, and to report on non-compliance;
bulletwithdraw or suspend accreditation of a nursing education institution or nursing education programme if the nursing education provider does not comply with prescribed requirements;
bulletmonitor the assessment (of learners) by nursing education providers;
bulletbe an education and training quality assucance body (ETQA) for all nursing qualifications;
bulletinvestigate and take legal action against non-accredited institutions offering "illegal" nursing education
bulletdetermine (and charge) the prescribed fees in terms of the Nursing Act;
bulletsubmit to the Minister of Health: a five-year strategic plan at the commencement of each Council's term of office, six-monthly reports on the staus of nursing and other matters of public improtance under the Nursing Act, and annual reports after the end of each financial year;
bulletensure that an annual budget is drawn up and that the Nursing Council operates within the parameters of such budget;
bulletperform any other function prescribed in terms of the Nursing Act.

This list is a summary of the FUNCTIONS of the South African Nursing Council.  The comprehensive list of FUNCTIONS (including functions which the Council MAY perform) are specified in section 4 of the Nursing Act, 2005.

2004 - 2019 South African Nursing Council (Under the provisions of the Nursing Act, 2005)